Douglas Mackie

has been recognised by House and Garden magazine as one of the 100 leading UK designers since 2009. He set up his own company in 1995, and has built up a loyal clientele internationally. Publications this year include AD Russia, AD France, AD Italy, House and Garden UK, Belle magazine Hong Kong, Residence magazine Netherlands, and Bella magazine. Douglas Mackie has been selected by Architectural Digest as one of the Worlds top 100 interior designers, in the April Collectors Issue , 2015.

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We are often asked how we design, how we create an interior. What are the rules?

Interior design is deeply instinctive. At its best, it is a creative art form. There are no rules. Instead, as designers we make instinctive choices. The inspiration or the spark that drives a project might be a single remarkable piece of furniture, a rare find at a favourite dealer or perhaps a remarkable painting, which has power and resonance. Alternatively an item treasured by our client can become the driving force of the room. We love to draw, using freehand sketches, and watercolours and these methods are perfect tools to explore, study and understand the interior both for ourselves and for our clients.


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